Preliminary discussions concerning your design concept, project requirements and key deadlines can save considerable time later on. The members of our sales team are highly knowledgeable regarding the entire Strada London product range and can offer valuable advice on styles, sizes, materials and Finishes, as well as our bespoke design services. They can arrange samples for your client and will prepare detailed scheduling options and cost comparisons.


Project meetings and site visits help to ensure that the hardware specification is both complete and correct. The Strada London team is fully conversant with building regulations and DDA requirements, with some personnel also qualified to City and Guilds standards in Mechanical Engineering and Carpentry & Joinery. This allows us to provide exhaustive technical support regarding the installation, modification and operation of specific products. There is no substitute for a walk-through of the site, giving all parties a 360˚ vision of the project. This hands-on experience often results in enhancements being suggested and allows any queries to be resolved.


Demonstrating its immense creative talent, our in-house design team is constantly developing new products to add fresh inspiration to our collections. However, if you cannot find exactly the right item or if your client would prefer exclusive hardware, our bespoke design service is at hand. Our designers can either modify the size, styling, materials or finish of an existing product to meet your client’s needs or create a new and unique one to your precise specification. Using CAD techniques to produce detailed drawings and 3D printing technology to create lifelike prototypes, we work with you to make your visions reality. The same meticulous attention to detail continues into the manufacturing process, ensuring that the result is perfection.


Strada London offers a full specification and scheduling service, with every item of ironmongery required by each door, window and cabinet in the project listed according to a detailed review of the construction plans. Our hardware schedules can also be pictorial, with visual representation of each item ensuring at-a-glance clarity for architects, interior designers, contract supervisors and artisans alike. This disciplined approach to projects ensures that no hardware requirements are overlooked, that all items of ironmongery are both mechanically and aesthetically compatible and that the prevailing building and disability regulations are strictly adhered to.


If desired, our architectural hardware can be pre-packed into door-sets containing all items of ironmongery required for each individual door and clearly labelled with the contents and the door location. This not only avoids confusion, which can lead to items being installed in the wrong place, but also allows larger projects – such as hotels, schools and hospitals – to organise hardware deliveries according to floors or areas. Highly valued by clients, our door-set packing service results in considerable time savings, fewer errors and reduced risk of items getting lost on site.


As an ISO 9001 certified company, our commitment to quality is clear. This does not simply end when our products are delivered – our project managers are on hand to ensure that the installation and handover processes go smoothly. They will drop in to each site to check on progress, offer advice and deal with any issues raised. Strada London is dedicated to client satisfaction, so we strive to be flexible in response to customer requests to adjust, exchange or replace any items. Our aftercare also includes recommendations on the cleaning and servicing of our products, as well as the sale of specially designed care packs.

Care Cloth

For the ultimate finish, use a Strada London care cloth. Specifically developed for effective yet gentle cleaning and polishing of architectural hardware, our eco-friendly care cloths feature microfibre technology to remove grease, dirt and moisture with minimal effort.

care cloth